Blonde Hair Maintenance

The perfect blonde can easily be achieved in a salon but what can you do for maintenance?

  • Purple Shampoo: Whether it be Shimmer Lights at Sally’s Beauty or Wella, Kenra or any other professional brand, the key to maintaining your blonde locks is purple shampoo.
  • Do Not Wash every day. Not only does this wash the toner that was used on your hair out. This also causes your blonde hair to become drier as you are taking the oils out that you don’t have from bleaching your hair.
  • Dry Shampoo: This means you can skip a few shampoos and early mornings by utilizing this magic. Your hair will not stink and the oily hair that you think you have will be none existent!
  • Do Not Swim, well cover your hair and/or use a rich conditioner in your hair prior to the pool/ocean/etc. And wash your hair immediately after any swimming activities. Plus you don’t want to have green hair set in as that would require a color correction.
  • Keep your hair appointments: Regular visits will keep your hair looking it’s best as skipping a maintenance appointment will require longer sitting time and also cost more for service (additional product).

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or your would like to book a future appointment.



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