OH NO, My Hair is Brassy!!!

So you colored your hair and it’s not what you expected. Some reasons for this may include the developer that came with your at home color is a higher volume. Meaning it was meant to lift and not just deposit color. This left you with the orange color you may be experiencing. Another reason may be that you decided to bleach your hair with some highlights and didn’t leave the product on long enough to get the lift you desired to achieve. The simplest way to fix this is to apply a darker color over the brass to camouflage the issue.

However, if you are anything like thousands of other women you want to make it brighter and eliminate that unfortunate color. Your best advice is to go to a salon professional for a free consultation. This way you can learn about your options, know the cost in the long run and seek out someone that you feel comfortable enough to have work on your color correction.

Please feel free to call or text me for an appointment to discuss what we can help you achieve.



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