Why We Need Trims

Trims every six to eight weeks help keep your hair healthy and keep split ends from moving further up the hair shaft. If you are keeping the style or growing your hair out this is essential for a healthy head of hair. Your hair grows approximately ¼ an inch to ½ a month. Taking just a ¼ inch of your hair off after all the styling you do in between visits is not going to hinder growth. It is when you don’t take advantage of having a hair service for months on end that you will need a lot more taken off for your hair to maintain it’s health.

If you get a moment, hold up a ponytail or just a bunch of your hair in the mirror. Look and see the ends compared to the middle shaft portion of your hair. Are the ends see-through compared to the middle portion? Well that is the portion that needs to be taken off as the hair has not been cut in some time. Had your hair been cut every 6-8 weeks this would not be an issue. If you had your hair cut every 6-8 weeks and you still have this issue then your hair is damaged and in need of a treatment and a trim.

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